"Finding the right architect that is aligned to your own style and vision is for me an integral part of the building process and can be a time consuming and daunting process in itself. After searching for some time I came across Architeria Architects where I met Mel and Kate. After a couple of briefing meetings to work through and create a design that ensured we achieved and optimised the best outcome, Mel and his team came up with the final design which was amazing and exactly what I envisioned and more. To find an architect that listened and understood what I wanted while giving their expert and professional advice was such a pleasure. The planning and application to council went through quickly and with ease. I accredit the quick and easy application process to council to the expertise, experience and knowledge that Mel and his team at Architeria have, and to their understanding of the fundamentals in designing plans, not only to meet the customers’ expectations but also in line with council requirements.
Throughout the whole process, I found the support, guidance, and open communication exceptional, the overall professionalism and integrity from everyone at Architeria was amazing. If I had any questions or uncertainty, Mel and his team addressed it immediately while helping and guiding me through the process with ease. I am so happy with the design outcome that I am really excited to finish the build and can’t wait to see the final result. Instead of being overwhelmed with all that is needed to be done through the building process, I am excited by the prospect of creating an amazing and beautiful home"

Karen Miller