Barry Street Development in Brunswick Gets the Go Ahead to Proceed


The received approval is for the construction of a 4 storey building over two basement levels comprising 36 apartments and 3 offices as follows:

7 x 1 bedroom apartments

29 x 2 bedroom apartments

Office tenancies

60 car parking spaces

34 bicycle parking spaces

Architeria Architects was engaged on the 14 February 2015 to compose a brand new design and replace an existing proposal prepared by another Architectural firm in Melbourne.

The original proposal was advertised and 26 objections were received. The main issues raised in the objections related to height, overdevelopment and impacts on residential amenity. As a result, Moreland Council officers determined that the proposal should not be supported on a number of grounds including excessive height and building footprint. Ten of the objectors lodged statements of grounds with the Tribunal to become parties to the appeal.

At that stage, Architeria took on board this project and within less than a month from engagement, a full planning submission was completed and distributed to the objectors, the Council and VCAT as an alternative design proposal.

The new Architeria mediated proposal was accepted by the objectors and the Council which agreed to take the mediated position to their Urban Planning Committee (UPC) meeting on 27 May 2015. Consequently, the UPC approved the development and gave it the go ahead to proceed.

Architeria is proud of this achievement and we look forward to commence the Construction Documentation very soon.