Committed to meet budget, vision, and innovative expectations.

At Architeria we cover all aspects of architectural services:  initial feasibility and concept, the design phase, documentation and contract administration.

We are always aiming to achieve a balance between great design, cost and sustainable solutions. Sustainable architecture is our forte but we are always merging our clients’ vision in our designs. We love the challenge of finding aesthetically functional design solutions to the most technically challenging of projects and always push our designs that extra mile to create immaculate spaces.

Architeria is adamant  about each project being unique and our designs are versatile in terms of our expertise in different styles of architecture.  French provincial, classical homes, period homes, modern architecture, medium to large scale apartment developments, townhouses,hotel and  resort design, commercial and institutional architecture, all under one roof.  

Our team of architects and designers are all handpicked for their broad variety of skills and attributes.


Our head architect, Mel Gawi has an extensive, internationally recognised experience in creating grand design homes, apartments and high rise buildings as well as commercial projects.

Mel Gawi's involvement as a project director and lead designer on a number of large scale developments including island resorts, hotels, retail and residential towers has proven to be invaluable assets for our company and its clients. 


We provide a number of different architectural services

At Architeria Architects, we can do all the town planning and building permits for your private or investment property and with our expertise we will work out the most cost effective design for you.

We will design and submit to Council and/or Responsible Authority for Planning Approvals and Building Permits and we will supply the builder with full working drawings, assist with project management and contract administration.



Before purchasing a land it is of importance to know what can or cannot be developed on the subject land.  In order to help our clients deciding on the purchase we can provide you with a complete yield study. We will do an assessment of the land or property and our yield study will give you important information such as Verifying Existing Site Conditions, Title Search and Assessment of any applying restrictions and/ or covenants, planning zones, advice on the best type of development, size and number of dwellings and or units, car park spaces etc. 


Wouldn't it be good to know that you can pay off your mortgage, save up for retirement and have that extra cash in your pocket?  Chances are that your backyard could turn out to be quite a goldmine. Subdividing your property means dividing it to sell or develop further. It is a great return on investment to subdivide and build a new house or townhouses on your property. Whether you have a small lot or a large land that can be subdivided in to several lots for a large development or you need help to find land for development we can assist you with the process. We will take care of the entire process, coordinating with required consultants.


If you are planning to build more than one house, change the use of your property or subdivide, most likely you are going to need a planning permit.  A permit may be needed for a house, business, building works, fencing or vegetation removal or any overlays affecting your land. A permit has to be obtained by the council and needs plans. We understand that the process of obtaining a permit can be long and we are always aiming to speed up the process by giving accurate advice, work with overlays, requirements and applicable planning schemes in a timely manner.

For larger projects we have a team of experienced town planners that we use regularly.


If you are looking to build, chances are you will need to acquire a building permit and working drawings prior to construction. This applies to new buildings, as well as renovations or alterations to an existing building and demolition works. 

We simply make the building process as clear and simple for you. We will manage any other consultants on your behalf at no extra cost and ensure that you receive the Building Permit in a timely manner.

3D MODELLING and animation

We can create realistic 3D images and 3D renders, animations and walk throughs for your projects. 3D images are a helpful tool to visualize your projects and our marketing images can help you sell off the plan.